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Our Mission:

The John S. Charlton Program works within a collaborative team of parents, educators, specialists, community members, and students in Kent County, Delaware to promote student achievement by engaging in the following:
·Creating and implementing an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for each student
·Teaching standards-based and learning focused lessons and activities; providing access to the general education curriculum
·Developing daily living skills
·Providing inclusionary opportunities
·Supporting athletic and extra-curricular activities
·Nurturing social and emotional development
·Preparing students for vocation
·Fostering independence
·Arranging transitional opportunities and support
·Sustaining a safe environment
·Assisting families regarding home support
·Leading and advancing staff through professional development
·Promoting community involvement

Staff email: Administration

  • Dr. Pamela Atchison (Principal)
  • Ms. Heather Calkins (Asst. Principal)
  • Mr. James Osgood (Asst. Principal)
  • Mr. Todd Simpson (Asst. Principal)

    Charlton Early Childhood / Preschool Classes

    Charlton Kindergarten -2nd grade Classes


    Charlton Elementary /Middle School Classes


    Charlton Transitional Level Classes

  • Ms. Opdyke
  • Mr. Smith (Delaware State University) - Teacher Website

    Charlton Off-Site Teachers
  • Ms. Purcell (Welch Elem.)
  • Ms. Bevenour (Welch Elem.)
  • Ms. Darling (Simpson Elem.)
  • Ms. Goerger (Simpson Elem.)
  • Ms. Casella (Nellie Stokes Elem.)
  • Ms. Miller (Nellie Stokes Elem.)
  • Ms. LaMotte (Postlethwait Middle) Teacher Website
  • Ms. Hartman (Fifer Middle) Teacher website
  • Ms. Humes (Air Base Middle) Teacher Website
  • Mr. Victory (Air Base Middle)
  • Mr. Stoner (Caesar Rodney High School)
  • Ms. Schmitt (Caesar Rodney High School)
  • Ms. Coleman (Caesar Rodney High School)
  • Ms. Pink (Delaware State University)
  • Ms. Zimmerman (Wesley College)
  • Ms. Knable (Wesley College)

    Related Arts and Specialists

  • Mr. Candeloro  (PE Teacher)
  • Ms. Beck (Music Teacher)
  • Ms. Willis (Art Therapist)
  • Mr. Yeager (Technology Teacher)
  • Ms. Lehman (HHPD Teacher)
  • Mr. Gangemi (Deaf-Blind Teacher)
  • Ms. Andrea Davis (Social Worker) Social Worker Website
  • Ms. Leed (Psychologist)
  • Ms. Gouge (Psychologist)
  • Ms. Martin (Psychologist)
  • Mr. Lewis (Psychologist) - Psychologist Website
  • Ms. Brandner  (Speech-Language Pathologist)
  • Ms. Russell (Speech-Language Pathologist)
  • Ms. Russo (Speech-Language Pathologist)
  • Ms. Mayhew (Speech-Language Pathologist)
  • Ms. Boswell (Speech-Language Pathologist)
  • Ms. Hall (Occupational Therapist)
  • Ms. Hicks (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant)
  • Ms. Rudis (Physical Therapist)
  • Mr. Hurd (Physical Therapist)
  • Ms. Line (Nurse)
  • Ms. Saxton (Nurse)
  • Ms. O'Brien (Nurse)

  • Mr. Saxton
  • Mr. White
  • Ms. Halliday

    Front Office Staff
  • Ms. Rains (Secretary)
  • Ms. Kiessling (Secretary)

    Custodial Staff
  • Mr. Threatts (Chief Custodian)
  • Ms. Simpson
  • Mr. Semans
  • Mr. Holt

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    Our Vision

    To provide a cohesive, positive, rigorous, and safe learning environment in which students are challenged with standards based, individualized, learning focused activities, and daily living skills training in order for them to become successful, valued, and meaningful participants in our community.

    Building SMART Goals

    1) To meet or exceed AYP targets for DCAS/DCAS Alt-1.

    2a) In all grade levels, maintain attendance of 91.6% or greater.

    2b) In all grade levels, increase percent of excused absences to 80% (homebound included as excused).

    3a) To maintain 100% of graduating students connected with DDDS.

    3b) To increase the number of graduated students working at a job to or adult service provider by %.

    4) Every teacher will have at least one classroom event per year showcasing their students’ abilities or learned skills in which parents will be invited to during the 2011-2012 school year. This will be in addition to the already offered school-wide events.

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